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Medicine Hat's Nutrition Report Card Summary on Food Environments for Children & Youth 2018/2019

The Medicine Hat Mini Nutrition Report Card was conducted in 2018/2019 as a local initiative in alignment with the Benchmarking Food Environments project, based out of the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta. The aim is to develop the annual Alberta Nutrition Report Card on Food Environments for Children & Youth, assess its impact, and engage local communities in monitoring their own food environments.

Food Talk - From Surviving to Thriving

Food Talk: From Surviving to Thriving is a report of the Community Food Connections Association in support of the development of a community based approach to achieving both individual and community food security. The report is based on information gathered primarily through a series of focus groups completed over the fall and winter of 2006-2007, and primarily reflects the opinions of the citizens participating in this process. As well, where possible, factual information was gathered to further describe both the assets and weaknesses impacting food security in and around our community, and inform future action.


Over the course of two years, over 3500 Canadians participated in a groundbreaking grassroots project to define paths towards a food system that can provide adequate amounts of healthy, acceptable, and accessible food for all. The People’s Food Policy is based on ten detailed policy discussion papers. These discussion papers were generated through an extensive process that included three hundred and fifty Kitchen Table Talks, hundreds of policy submissions, dozens of tele-conferences, ongoing online discussions, and three cross-Canada conferences. These discussion papers include both whole-of-government policy recommendations and concrete guidelines for how the proposed changes can be put into action.

Making the Food-Health Connection: An Alberta Framework for Innovation

"It’s time to ask: How can food and health address a growing number of public health concerns and chronic disease? What changes must Alberta families make — along with governments, industry and health care providers — to have a healthier future and, at the same time, offer economic development opportunities?

The Alberta food and health innovation framework brings us closer to this healthier future — improving health outcomes for our citizens as well as driving a stronger diversified Alberta economy based on “the healthy choice".

Food Fit Guide

This is a healthy eating resource that targets older Albertans, providing information and ideas that encourage and support healthier food choices.

Household Food Insecurity in Alberta: A Backgrounder 2023

The purpose of this backgrounder is to provide an overview of the research on the relationship between income, household food insecurity, and health in Canada and Alberta.

Medicine Hat & Area Local Food & Producers Directory

We are thrilled to share our updated Medicine Hat & Area Local Food & Producers Directory! This Directory will help you find local producers and how to access their food. We hope this will be a beneficial tool for healthy eating and support of local agriculture in our community.

Click here to open a printable pdf of the directory.